Monday, February 20, 2012

iMovie File Formats

Written by Justin Abraham

Apple’s iMovie is an all-in-one easy to use video-editing program, which will allow you to take your own personal videos and present them in all new exciting ways.  

iMovie accommodates the following file types:
  • DV
  • AIC
  • Motion-JPEG
  • Photo-JPEG
  • MPEG-4 
  • H.264 
  • Apple Animation 
  • Apple Video
But what do you do though if the video you have selected is not a file format that that is compatible with iMovie, such as a WMV file or an AVI file? There is a solution: Handbrake! Handbrake is general-purpose open source video transcoder software.

To convert a video into a file format compatible with iMovie, following these steps.

First, open Handbrake. 

Then, click File, select Open Source and select your video.

Next, select the file format you would like for your video to be converted to and press start. Your video will begin to convert to the file format of your choice 

Now that you have done this, your file can now be imported into iMovie!

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