Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Combine multiple files or scans into one document

Posted by Amy Jennings, DMS Studio Assistant

At some point you may have two or more files that you need to merge into one continuous file, like multiple scanned images or Word documents. Here's how you can do this in the Studio:

Adobe Acrobat Pro
The only way (that we know of) to combine your files into one and save them as a single file is with Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is only on the computers that have Adobe CS4 and CS5 on them (ask at the desk if you need specific software, we will relocate people if possible). If any of the files are Word documents, then you will need to convert them to .pdf  formats before you combine them in Acrobat Pro. To do this on a PC, right-click the icon for the document and select "Convert to Adobe PDF."
On a Mac, open the document in Word. 

From the "File" dropdown, select "Print."
In the "Print" screen, click on the "PDF" 
option on the bottom left and choose 
"Save as PDF."

Then simply save the document as a new PDF file.

Once you have converted your files into PDF formats, you can open them in Acrobat Pro (the default program for viewing PDF files) and combine them there:

From the "Combine" option at the top left of the screen, choose "Merge Files into a Single PDF."

Add the .PDF files you need to merge with the "Add Files" option under the dropdown at the top left. Once you've added the files, choose "Combine Files" at the bottom right.


If you have a document with multiple pages that you simply want to scan and print, iCopy allows you to do that. This program is only on two of the Dells right now, though very soon we will have them on all the computers that have scanners. You can scan multiple images back-to-back and print them, though it will only save the files as individual documents. You can, of course, combine them with Acrobat once you've scanned them. Here's a step-by-step:

Open the program with the icon on the bottom left of the screen and 
place your document in the scanner bed.

Choose "Scan Multiple Pages" under the "Other Scan Modes" drop down menu.

Once it finishes the scan, you'll be prompted to either print the page you just scanned or to add another page. Place your next document in the scanner bed before you choose "Add Another Page."

 Just repeat this process until you have scanned all your images, and then choose "Print Pages.

If you want to see a preview of your document before it's printed, you can select the "Preview" box before you choose "Scan Multiple Pages" and select "Preview." Then, if you're happy with the image, select "Scan."

Hope this helps!!

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