Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Crop in Photoshop

By: Sanja Simic, Studio Assistant

­We all hate hearing the words “we need to talk” from our significant other, after which they relentlessly tell us that we can’t make our relationship work any more. So there you are single and in dire need of changing your social media profile pictures to a solo shot of yourself but you can’t take a nice selfie anymore, the light has gone from your eyes. So what do you do? You start browsing the photos that you have with your significant other and there you see it your bright, smiling face but you can’t put it up with your partner’s face in it too (It would look like you can’t get over her and you can’t let anyone think that). So you go to trusty Photoshop to crop that face out of your life forever.
First things first you have to open the photo.
Hold back your tears. Your partner is not worth it anymore.
Now hop on over to your faithful crop tool located in the tool bar.
Make sure that the crop tool is set to unconstrained (because we had enough of that in our relationship we don’t need anymore).
If you click the box a drop menu will appear with exact measurements you can use to crop the image with but for this purpose we will leave it at unconstrained.
Now you’ll go to any corner and make sure the mouse turns into this type of arrow so that you can drag the corners in to begin the cropping process. (Make sure you hold down shift if you want to crop at the same proportion)
Start dragging the mouse and rejoice in finally getting their face out of the photo and out of your memories.
Survey the work you have accomplished. This looks like a job well done. Now just click enter and the crop will finish. 
Now you can breathe a sign of relief. Wait! Is that a piece of her forehead still in the photo?! Even though you have moved on your significant other will still remain in your memories and heart, just like this forehead will still remain in the photo as a reminder of a happy past.